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Posted by: meaplet on: March 19, 2008

I have been thinking lately about eyebrows with emoticons. Once I started (attempting to come up with a way to indicate sarcasm via a raised eyebrow) I found that they’re incredibly expressive, possibly more so than their standard counterparts. A few examples:

ô_ō raised eyebrow (sarcasm/ dry joke)

ô_ô surprise

ò_ó anger

ó_ò sadness/pitiful eyes

So much is possible with different combinations of characters! And I have certainly gotten better at knowing where the special characters are on my keyboard as a result of this experiment. Eyes I still haven’t found a use for:

õ_õ (wigly eyebrows!)

ö_ö (wide awake with eyelashes?)

ơ_ỏ (no idea here, really)

ɵ_ɵ  (half-lidded eyes?)

And a final result of the experiment: attempting to mark every sarcastic comment I made with a single raised eyebrow lead me to the conclusion that almost everything I say over IM is sarcastic. This is about roughly equal to the fact that I’m just about always sarcastic when I speak. No wonder the whole “obviously lying voice” debacle of a few years ago, where everyone complained that they couldn’t recognize when I was making shit up, was such an issue–the frequency with which I say the opposite of what I mean to make a point is ridiculously high.

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*laughs* Oh Molly. You go pretty far in your dedication towards emoticons! <3

on that last with the thetas, he looks like he’s glaring at someone. it’s a great reaction to

When you call it “the ‘obviously lying voice’ debacle,” it sort of makes me think, “the ‘obviously lying voice’ debacle was a sad low point of the Meaplet administration.”

However, I, too, often say the opposite of what I mean. I do so much less in writing, I suspect, but maybe that is because I don’t have raised-eyebrow emoticons. A fellow student from Minnesota once suggested this generous use of sarcasm was a regional trait. I’m not sure. There are definitely people who don’t tend to catch on, though, and I find it difficult to talk to them at all.

It’s true, Marjorie. It would be really upsetting to have conversations with you if I didn’t know that you mostly don’t mean those things about destroying France and killing homeless people.

… oh wait, those are the things you don’t talk about, but actually do.

Yay! Glad to help. ~_o

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