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Civilization showdown

Posted by: meaplet on: March 17, 2008

Today, I had a most edifying conversation with my good friend Erica. I was showing her the brackets for the March of Time Madness.

Me: Victorian Era or Enlightenment?
Her: Enlightenment, for sure!
Me: Elizabethan Era or Dark Ages?
Her: Elizabethans!
Me: Viking Era or Minoan Greece?
Her: Vikings!
Me: Nooooo! Minoan Greece!
Her: Dude, the Vikings buried their dead in FLAMING SHIPS!
Me: Dude, the Minoans had the MINOTAUR.

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Despite my firm distaste for blog post comments, I want to tip my hat to you, milady, for this most excellent transcript of our conversation.

You see the effect you have on the way I talk!

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