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This is how we actually talk

Posted by: meaplet on: March 23, 2008

B: Why is it that none of the hand towels in our apartment ABSORB WATER? me: Because that isn’t their intended behavior. B: ::looks at me skeptically:: me: They’re from IKEA; they’re meant to be decorative, not useful. If you want water-absorption, file a feature request. B: But then I’ll have to pay for the […]


Posted by: meaplet on: March 19, 2008

I have been thinking lately about eyebrows with emoticons. Once I started (attempting to come up with a way to indicate sarcasm via a raised eyebrow) I found that they’re incredibly expressive, possibly more so than their standard counterparts. A few examples: ô_ō raised eyebrow (sarcasm/ dry joke) ô_ô surprise ò_ó anger ó_ò sadness/pitiful eyes […]

Civilization showdown

Posted by: meaplet on: March 17, 2008

Today, I had a most edifying conversation with my good friend Erica. I was showing her the brackets for the March of Time Madness. Me: Victorian Era or Enlightenment? Her: Enlightenment, for sure! Me: Elizabethan Era or Dark Ages? Her: Elizabethans! Me: Viking Era or Minoan Greece? Her: Vikings! Me: Nooooo! Minoan Greece! Her: Dude, […]

Molly’s Karmic Rule of Mental Illness

Posted by: meaplet on: March 2, 2008

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(Based on Dan Savage’s Karmic Rule of Kink) If you break up with the honest person with an anxiety disorder, you are destined to marry the dishonest schizophrenic.