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Posted by: meaplet on: June 17, 2009

Dear California, I really need to stop reading Calitics, because the more I read about your politics, the less I understand. No wonder Prop 8 was upheld; we have an absolutely insane system of government in this state. Apparently the State Parks aren’t going to be closed after all; that is, it seems, a measure […]

Just a tick…

Posted by: meaplet on: June 4, 2008

This morning… [random coworker]: Molly, I hear that you and Erica might be roommates. Me: Yeah, we talked briefly about it. How did you know? Today at lunch… Erica: Molly, we probably shouldn’t tell too many people that we’re going to be roommates, because that might mean it will all go wrong! Me: I think […]