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God knows the temperature’s hot enough to hatch a stone

Posted by: meaplet on: July 4, 2008

I spent the summer I was 17 in central Massachusetts, just outside Worcester. I’d taken US history the previous year, and had gotten to the state level with my History Day project on Hamilton and Jefferson. So to say I was a little bit fixated with the Founding Fathers would be… a bit of an […]

Awkward dental adventures

Posted by: meaplet on: June 19, 2008

Today’s useful lesson: dental dams were originally invented for dentistry! Some context: Dentist: Molly, do you know what a dental dam is? Molly: Yes. Dentist: Have you ever used one? Molly: Er, yes? Dentist: Well, we’re going to be using something slightly different. It’s a lot better because it provides more suction, and it’s got […]

Just a tick…

Posted by: meaplet on: June 4, 2008

This morning… [random coworker]: Molly, I hear that you and Erica might be roommates. Me: Yeah, we talked briefly about it. How did you know? Today at lunch… Erica: Molly, we probably shouldn’t tell too many people that we’re going to be roommates, because that might mean it will all go wrong! Me: I think […]

I’m such a nice person, sometimes

Posted by: meaplet on: May 29, 2008

Steve: Sneezes Silence Steve: Thanks Me: Go to Hell.