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Posted by: meaplet on: June 17, 2009

Dear California,

I really need to stop reading Calitics, because the more I read about your politics, the less I understand. No wonder Prop 8 was upheld; we have an absolutely insane system of government in this state. Apparently the State Parks aren’t going to be closed after all; that is, it seems, a measure that Governors threaten to undertake whenever the Legislature isn’t working fast enough on the budgeting process.

But Schwarzenegger has threatened to ::shut down the entire state government:: if the legislature doesn’t put together a budget this week; they were also threatening to do that if the ridiculous measures in the special election last month didn’t pass.

This is my shout of frustration into the universe at the entire situation. I really love you, dear home state, and it would be nice if we didn’t have a “Constitution” that can be amended randomly by popular vote (my personal favorite part is the bit where it’s unconstitutional to eat horse meat because there were like 50 people riled up about it in the 80s and nobody wanted to be pro-horse-eating in the general election), a set of judges elected by popular vote, a legislature too tied up in special interest money to get anything done, and, well, ::Arnold Schwarzenegger:: as the governor.

With friendly irritation,


Dear Equality California,

I was really impressed with your letter of several weeks ago that included as a call to action not just a request for funds but a sign-up for volunteering. However, I wish I had heard something from you on that topic since the confirmation email. Since I’m canvassing on Saturday, I’d really like to know where to meet the rest of the group, if you don’t mind.

Hoping to hear from you,


Dear Pride,

Wow you are approaching fast. 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, is it? I am not marching this year (going to the Opera with my grandparents instead, which kind of cracks me up) but I sure am looking forward to this year’s annual Pride Concert at First Unitarian Universalist Church in San Francisco.

As you may know, Bob, the concert is the Thursday and Friday before Pride, June 25 and 26, at 8pm. It’s going to feature the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco and the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Freedom Band, and have special guests the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus.

And there is still room in the program for anyone who wants to advertise.



Dear Iran,

Um, please get that recount/revote underway as soon as possible. I’m worried about you, dear.



Dear President Obama,

You want me to have the energy to be angry at you now too? Over the not-so-gray-areas of DATD and DOMA? Really?

With resignation,


Dear Self,

You were a much more scintillating conversationalist before you replaced your nightly watching of the news with nightly watching of Star Trek.


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Am puzzled when it comes to this DOMA-brief business. What I know of history suggests that presidents, even the most inspiring of them, aren’t going to make significant changes in social matters unless there is tremendous pressure on them to do so. But bureaucratic blocking of progress like that brief, I don’t know what is the appropriate response to that.

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