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As May ends…

Posted by: meaplet on: May 30, 2009

May has been an interesting month. I’ve had a lot of projects wrapping up, which has meant a lot of stress. But I’ve also done some really fun stuff. You’ve already heard a bit about London, but here are some other things that happened in May, illustrated.

From May fun, 2009

The weekend after I got back from London, I went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with some friends. It’s now a totally different place than it was as Marine World Africa USA when I was a kid. This is actually nice, as when it was Six Flags Marine World it was kind of depressing. They had the rides in front and all the animals in back, and they clearly cared a whole lot less about the animals. They’ve now got the whole park much more integrated, and they’re taking much better care of the animals.

From May fun, 2009

Last weekend, Naomi graduated from UC Berkeley, and we had a lot of great family visiting. I hosted my parents and had a great time with them Saturday morning before they went back up to Willits. We also got to meet Naomi’s boyfriend David’s family. We had dinner together at an Italian restaurant in Berkeley, which had an incredible broken typewriter in the parking lot…

From May fun, 2009

This weekend, on the advice of my dear friend Erin, I took an introductory letterpress class at the San Francisco Center for the Book. I’m so excited about learning more! I made rather a lot of these post cards, so if you want mail from me, please send me an email (meaplet[at]gmail[dot]com) with your postal address and you will get your very own bleak Stoppardian card!

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you’re my dear friend molly. and i got mentioned in the blog. im the famousest

Um, I totally think I deserve a postcard. You may have received one or two from me. Plus you didn’t call me on my birthday. *frown*

But seriously, I can’t wait to see them. They look beeautiful.

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