The Littlest Meap

Bernal Heights

Posted by: meaplet on: April 6, 2008

I spent today having bicycle adventures in Bernal Heights. I read last night that the loop around Bernal Heights is almost exactly one mile and a good place to do laps/hill training, so I decided to check it out. First, of course, that meant biking up to the top. I did a couple of laps around Holly Park for good measure, then I took Bocana past Cortland as high as I could go, which turned out to be up to Powhattan. I then scooted over to Anderson and got to the top.

Once I got up there, the view was amazing, and the biking was pretty good too. I could see as far as the Golden Gate bridge on one side, and well into Daly City on the other. The path is a relatively gentle curve down and up around the hill. About half of it is a street with a little bit of traffic, and the rest of it is in the park itself, and filled with families. For a while I was matching laps with a fellow how was jogging with a baby carriage and a dog, which was pretty entertaining.

After the biking, I took Ellsworth back down to the bottom (ish) of the hill for a round of Maggie Mudd’s ice cream. I really love my neighborhood, and I spend surprisingly little time there. I need to spend more, and maybe not alone some time (which means, I need to convince other people to come to me instead of my going to them or meeting halfway).