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Good day

Posted by: meaplet on: February 1, 2009


On the topic of the cupcakes, do I have an option of taking good pictures in bad lighting that doesn’t involve purchasing an external flash?

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I have to ask — did you actually bake both of these things in your apartment? Coz that would be a serious feat of “baking in tiny places”. :)

I did! I have now optimized my tiny kitchen for baking.

(Hint: it involves doing most of the work in the living room)

You could build yourself a lightbox. It may not be ideal for baked goods, but it’s super cheap to do.

If you play around with your camera settings, you might be surprised to find there are options for bad lighting. Like on mine (a Canon Powershot, just in case you have the same), there’s something called “Tungsten” that neutralizes the warm-looking lighting to look more natural. All in all, though, there’s no sub for the real thing, and I fight the same battles.

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