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Posted by: meaplet on: November 3, 2008

As the hours tick down to Election Day, I am getting increasingly nervous. I am considering avoiding my Google Reader account for the entire day; I suspect that instead I will check it compulsively.

This is my last chance to remind all those of you who live in CA to VOTE NO ON PROPS 4 AND 8, the centerpieces of my fear.

To calm myself down, I am thinking of less scary things that will happen later in the week. For example, on Wednesday Inga and I are going to go see Repo! The Genetic Opera. Anthony Stewart Head repossessing people’s livers while Sarah Brightman sings and Paris Hilton wanders around the set is ::much less frightening:: than a world without gay marriage but with Sarah Palin as Vice President.

Have a good election day, ya’ll. May your lines be short and your decisions easy, and may the people of your state and this country agree with you.

Ok, I really only want them to agree with me, but it was a nice thought, right?

2 Responses to "Countdown"

oh man. voted a few weeks ago (and i agree with you wholeheartedly on the issues).

still nervous as hell. of course, i scheduled my wisdom teeth removal for the fifth. just in case things end badly, i can be totally incoherent for the week after the election, drugged up on painkillers…

Ha, I almost said “other things less scary than the elections: getting your wisdom teeth removed” but deleted it at the last minute because it wasn’t actually happening this week.

Good luck getting your wisdom teeth out! My first couple days after were pretty bad, but then the healing was fast.

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