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Epic Fail

Posted by: meaplet on: September 10, 2008

I just downloaded iTunes 8, and so far it has been a less than ideal experience.

First of all, I can’t play any of my videos from the iTunes music store until I upgrade to Quicktime 7.5.5, which Software Upgrade tells me does not exist. This includes videos I’ve had since before I upgraded–and I wanted to show Dr. Horrible to Inga, damnit!

I also set up Genius to see how it does with my music. I paused and considered the personal privacy issues and decided it was worth it to see what sorts of music iTunes recommended to match my admittedly quirky tastes.

Beyond the jump, see how they did.

iTunes fails to recognize the Beatles. Click for bigger version.

iTunes fails to recognize the Beatles. Click for bigger version.

As it turns out, iTunes isn’t so hot on things like, say, really indie not-too-known albums. Like, for example, this album called “Abbey Road” by some group called, the Beatles? Or something like that?

I realize they only launched yesterday so they don’t have a huge amount of training data yet, but that seems like a pretty big gap. (For the record, both Dar Williams and Monty Python gave me recommendations for more music by the same artist in the iTunes Music store, at the very least.)

I’ll keep using it to see if it gets better, but so far, color me unimpressed. Certainly nothing on Pandora.

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I expect a big part of the problem is that the Beatles aren’t on the iTunes music store. The reason has something to do with the never-ending conflict between Apple Records and Apple Computer. So they don’t have Beatles music to recommend you, or any data about what Beatles listeners like. It’s really pretty pathetic.

Thanks for the post; I think I’ll stick to Pandora for this kind of recommendation.

Right, I’d forgotten about that! Thanks for the reminder.

The iTunes Music Store does, though, have John Lennon, fascinating given Yoko’s role in Apple Records.

However, *I* have not upgraded. So all you need to do is get me a copy of the files of Dr. Horrible, and then we can play them on my computer.

Or we can hope it sorts itself out by Friday.

I do get worried everytime iTunes pops up an ‘update’ notification because it still seems like the best iTunes are the older ones. My ipod is now passing the 3 year mark and thankfully is still working but I do occasionally have problems with him. Got worried because they say the newest ipod (I think the nano 4th gen) will only work with iTunes 8. :S Then again, I likely won’t get another iPod after Julian, but I have to see what they have out on the market.

Hola Mollie, otherwise how are you? :D

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