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Keeping up with the dela Cruz

Posted by: meaplet on: August 20, 2008

I am mostly trying to avoid meme-type things on this blog, since I generally find them pretty irritating. But I am taking this opportunity to introduce you to my wee avatar.

Mostly I find it kind of hilarious that is what is essentially yet another doll/avatar making site, just like we’ve had around since 1995 or earlier, is getting so much attention and hip internet cred. Yes it’s fancy and made with flash, and yes, it’s got higher quality images, but exactly how else is Face Your Manga any different from, say, this? Different enough to have Valleywag reporting on it?

Anyway, here I am, being a wee internet sheep now that’s it’s ok for people over 13 to use this sort of thing.

PS Erica it cracks me up that with the exception of the grin yours looks exactly like this picture.

2 Responses to "Keeping up with the dela Cruz"

Oh my goodness, Molly Avatar is awesome! The cheeks are the best part! Seriously, if someone took the time to physically doodle a cartoon portrait of you as opposed to assembling a set of customizable face parts together, it wouldn’t be much better than this!

The reason Face Your Manga rises above all the rest is because their avatars make people GIDDY!!!

PS I’ll have you know that I did NOT fully hop on the bandwagon because Erica Avatar did not replace Erica Human on my Twitter photo!

I actually noticed that–you’ll notice that Avatar Molly hasn’t replace real Molly on Twitter either. (Or Facebook, which I understand is its intended location. Which just seems mean.)

I assume that’s why we both took time to blog about it–so that we could show it off without being part of the trendiness.

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