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The problem with moving

Posted by: meaplet on: July 27, 2008

The problem with moving is that every time I do it, there are more things to pack than the time before. I cry foul.

(To be fair, my mother claims that I don’t actually need to have every bank statement, starting in high school, neatly filed. I like having it. Possessions I can take or leave; data is forever.)

Anyway, I am going to pack the whole stack of books that has eaten my bed, and then I am going to go to sleep. So there.

I feel obliged to mention, however, that today in my bookshelf, I found a Directory of MHC Student Organizations, 2003-2004. I will never know why (a) this was actually shelved on its own, separate from my student government stuff and (b) I didn’t notice this on my last move.

Readers, I apologize for the unexciting entry. I have while procrastinating from packing been reading a lot of arguments about racism and antisemitism on the internet; after some fascinating yet frustrating debates about homosexuality on a couple of listserves I hold near and dear, I have an extended post (or series of posts) about rhetoric in internet arguments in progress. Trust me, it will be worth it.

5 Responses to "The problem with moving"

Happy Moving! Gah, I’m going to be doing this myself in two weeks.

(I only just noticed your twitter and the “arriving early/before attendants” bit! XD)

I love the things you find when moving. After bopping about so much recently I came up with a litmus test of what gets kept or tossed. If I am ever going to look at the object again (except the next time I move) it gets tossed.

Glad the move went well. You missed a thrilling time at Great America, but since Roberto and I have season passes, you will for sure be invited again :-)

My favorite thing about moving is finding those weird things and purging them from my life. It’s such a good feeling to be rid of such things.

I took ::sixteen:: bags to the goodwill on Saturday! (I am using goodwill here as a generic term that actually means Out Of the Closet, a set of thrift stores that benefit HIV research. See what brand dilution does, children? It robs you of clothing donations.)

That being said, I either accidentally freebinned or lost the majority of my dvd collection when I moved to California, so I’m a little bit more cautious about what I decide to get rid of now.

IIIIIIIIIIIII JUST MOVED. And it sucked. And I get to do it AGAIN in October. Ngggh.

Godspeed, meaplet. Godspeed.

I strongly endorse the cube-moving method. *nods*

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