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For your further education

Posted by: meaplet on: June 30, 2008

For your further education, I’d like to shine a little bit of light on two very different people who are infrequently confused, except by me.

Jon Sims was a luminary of the San Francisco gay music scene in the 1970s, founding the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Freedom Band and the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus in 1978 and going on to found the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco in 1979. Fun fact: the Freedom Band was the first orchestra or chorus in the world to have the words “gay” and/or “lesbian” in its name. He went on to found several other gay music groups and died of AIDS in 1984. He is remembered by his namesake organization, the Jon Sims performing Arts Center in San Francisco, which closed down last year.

John Simm, on the other hand, is a British actor of some repute, known primarily (to me at least) for his roles as Sam Tyler on Life on Mars and as the Master in season 3 of the new Who.

Yes, I realize that the two men have about as much in common as carnal embrace and Fermat’s Last Theorem. But surely you can see how a member of LGCSF, who is also the sort of geek prone to watching tv shows like Doctor Who and Life on Mars, might periodically pause to consider which of the two she is hearing about at any given moment?