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In which I feature as a hobo

Posted by: meaplet on: June 1, 2008

Jen: i need to know the name of your first pet and the street you grew up on
me: are you trying to break into my bank account?
Jen: it’s for my blog
me: Is this going to be my psueudonym?
Jen: yes
you’re going to come to my imaginary dinner party
me: Ok, but it can’t be my first pet, because my parents foolishly let 3-year-old Molly name the cat. Can it be another pet?
Jen: it has to be your first pet
me: Can I lie to you?
Jen: nope.
me: Stovepipe
I will sound like the Hobo at your party

Clearly I should just give up and take up lint-knitting as a new hobby, if “Stovepipe Hawk” is my porn name.

Other hobo-related events this weekend:

  • Noticing the huge amount of lint in the garbage bag by the dryer. Perhaps it is in fact asking to be knitted?
  • Read Water For Elephants, which features an excellent description of a Hobo Jungle ::and:: the recurring risk of becoming a hobo.

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Molly, I’ve discovered your secret blog! About the porn name thing, perhaps it will make you feel better about your name to learn that my porn name is Bubblegum North Greenview :D

Huzzah! I am so glad you have found it!

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