The Littlest Meap


Posted by: meaplet on: May 15, 2008

Quick update to be thrilled as can be about the end to the ban on gay marriage in California.

Supreme Court, I give you the thumbs up.

Now, to find a nice girl to marry…

On a linguistic note, I’ve been mildly irked all day by the one-man-one-woman quotation that everybody in the universe has been using to point out that some people still don’t like the gays:

“The government should promote and encourage strong families,” said Glen Lavy of the Alliance Defense Fund. “The voters realize that defining marriage as one man and one woman is important because the government should not, by design, deny a child both a mother and father.”

It took me upwards of five readings of that statement to get the intended reading. I just kept thinking that “denying a child of both a mother and a father” meant that they could have neither, rather than that they couldn’t have the matched set. Definitely would have used an “or” there.