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Some people are demanding

Posted by: meaplet on: February 22, 2008

Certain people claim that I am not a satisfactory blogger if I don’t update every day for their reading pleasure. To that, I say “pfft, enable comments on your blog and then we’ll see what I do on my blog.”

Anyway, below is a genuine email exchange that took place in my work email over the last day or so. I hope you enjoy it; I certainly did.

from [coworker 1]
to [coworker 2]
cc [meaplet], [coworker 2’s manager]
date Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 8:55 AM
subject Death to hyphy?

[coworker 2],

I know that since you’re in Hyderabad you probably didnt see this week’s cover of SF weekly:

That’s right the “Demise” of Hyphy. I will send along the phsyical copy I have which calls it the DEATH of hyphy.

[meaplet] thinks they’re confused. It’s cause you’re in India! Hyphy isnt dead, it’s just asleep cause [coworker 2] is away!

Have a great time, and know that we’re looking forward to your (and Hyphy’s) imminent return to the Yay.

[coworker 1]

from [coworker 2]
to [coworker 1]
cc [meaplet], [coworker 2’s manager]
date Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 7:32 PM
subject Re: Death to hyphy?

Haha thanks [coworker 1]. Guess I got a little greedy and took all the hyphy with me. I’ll bring it back, fa sho. ;)

Keep it real in the Yay … * pops collar *

– [coworker 2]

Moral of the story: the Bay Guardian, no longer satisfied with harshing on my employer, is now harshing on KMEL as well. What’s up with that?