The Littlest Meap

Beginning life with Ruby

Posted by: meaplet on: February 14, 2008

New blog, new programming language. Life is full of new things right now. I’m reading Beginning Ruby: From Novice to Professional to begin my ramping up, and so far the book is surprisingly good. Particularly helpful so far has been Appendix A: Ruby Primer and Review for Developers. It gave a pretty thorough overview of the language for coders, so I have some idea of what to expect going forward.

I suppose I haven’t seen enough of the language yet to see its real strengths yet–these days I’m a python coder to the core. I don’t see the reason yet for the crazy hybrid multi-language approach–I’m very much a convert to the Zen of Python way of thinking– it’s much easier to write clean, readable code if everyone has the same basic idea of what the style is and how best to go about solving any different problem. LEARNING Ruby is going to be easy because I can follow my Python methodology, but it’s also easy for a perl programmer to follow his methodology, etc. and that’s got to lead to maintenance problems down the line.

Keep reading here for my continuing adventures with Ruby, my continued addiction to Python, and things relating to the rest of my life too (because there are parts of my life that don’t involve code, I promise). Here goes, the beginning of a new blog. Will there be more than one post here? Only time will tell.